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    AAT Carriers is an asset based trucking company dedicated to specialized and expedited services. Our team of hazmat certified drivers can cover over 1,000 miles in a 22 hour period.

    AAT Carriers has over 99% on time delivery and claim free service.

    Access America Transport is a Chattanooga based third-party logistics company, that provides transportation services throughout North America.
    PandoDaily is a web publication that offers technology news, analysis, and commentary, with a focus on Silicon Valley and startup companies. It bills itself as "the site of record for Silicon Valley."

    Steam Logistics is a full service freight forwarder and customs broker providing international transportation services between all points in the United States and the world. Encompassing all modes of transport, Steam’s digitally-optimized, near-paperless system was been built from the ground up to help unshackle supply chains.

    When it comes to getting a point across, web video is no longer a luxury. Fancy Rhino stresses this while recognizing that shoddy or thoughtless productions are too often the norm in a video-saturated world. What separates one message from the next? Answering that question is the Rhino’s daily bread. Fancy Rhino family is in the process of forming a revolutionary, creative, and highly personal creative studio for promotional video efforts both locally and globally. By creating animations, motion graphics, ads, documentary film and music videos, we coordinate a diverse network of contract artists and are building out a highly capable studio with best of breed equipment. Run by creative and resourceful partners who emphasize storytelling, Fancy Rhino creates cinematic, story-centered video with high production but also real depth that communicates the core message of a business.

    Launched in March 2011, Nooga.com is an online news organization that offers quality local content for the Chattanooga area.

    With a staff of professional, full-time reporters who cover local business, government and entertainment news, Nooga.com provides a blend of quality journalism more commonly attributed to print newspapers but with the timeliness expected by today's consumers.

    Bellhops empowers college students to execute specialized labor jobs in their local communities. All thanks to tech, we manage a force of over 2000 trained students in 47 cities for small-scale local moving, contract installations and doorstep waste collection services.

    Reliance Partners is a full service insurance provider specializing in creative risk management solutions to meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries.

    The firm’s package services separate them from most competition while it’s the ability to manage lines of insurance including commercial, personal, life and health truly allows Reliance Partners to place coverage on almost any risk imaginable.

    Founded in 2008 on a mission statement aimed at providing superior services at a fair price with outstanding customer service, Reliance Partners is already showing the potential to be a major force in the insurance industry.

    Ambition was built for Sales Companies. Think of it as Fantasy Football for your Salesforce. We provide real time analytics & insights, while simultaneously motivating your Sales people. Ambition codifies your business, clearly spells out ways to succeed, and empowers your team members through friendly competition. ambition.io

    Wamp Strategy was started under the premise that in our changing world a small group of talented communications professionals not only could manage all facets of an organization’s public image — but that’s how it should be done. For the sake of messaging, unity and loyalty — why not wrap all these good things together?

    Merging Public Relations with Social Strategy, Wamp Strategy is working with leading companies across the Southeast to brand and message them across the world.

    Banyan is a cloud based version control system for collaborative research. With a modern UI and integrated productivity tools, Banyan is removing the roadblocks for today’s researchers to send and share information. We are tackling big data problems and data management for science teams and research labs all over the globe. If you're interested in piloting our product, contact us about being accepted into our private beta. At Banyan, we want to change the world by empowering scientists to be more efficient.

    American Exchange is a certified health exchange broker where you can go for information on benefits and enroll in health insurance plans which qualify for Federal tax credits and subsidies. Our customer support team is state licensed and certified as exchange advisors.

    WayPaver is an innovation lab within The Lamp Post Group dedicated to building a better city through top-tier talent in tech and design—driving economic development and culture by attracting and retaining the best and brightest creative minds. We’re growing startups by relocating the most talented software developers, designers, data analysts, and operations experts to Chattanooga, TN.

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    At its core, Lamp Post Group is a venture incubator. We help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas from the planning stages to reality through financial investment and business guidance. LPG combines the talent of a small venture incubator with the financial capabilities of a venture capital firm to create a system that encourages fast, independent company growth.
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