Shelley Prevost

Dr. Shelley Prevost is the Director of Happiness and resident cultural engineer at the Lamp Post Group.  With 15 years of experience in the field of psychology, she provides a necessary counter-balance to the more logic-based business practices.  At Lamp Post, she mentors others to attend to interpersonal relationships at work, to communicate openly and directly, to identify guiding values, and to mediate conflict efficiently.  She has a passion for building and maintaining thriving business cultures that drive already successful companies to become legendary in their industry.  A recent graduate of Argosy University with her Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology, Shelley received the prestigious nomination for Dissertation of the Year for her work on gratitude and resilience. Before coming to Lamp Post, she had a thriving psychotherapy practice working collaboratively with other holistic practitioners.  Alongside teaching at UTC, Lee University, and Argosy University, Shelley has spoken to dozens of organizations and conferences on the cutting-edge science of happiness and organizational psychology.  Born in the Missouri boot heel, Shelley has migrated all over the Eastern half of the country. She now lives in North Chattanooga with her husband, Chad, and their three children.