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Hosting the Social Media King

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk, a leader in social media and entrepreneurship, will be in Chattanooga on May 13. Lamp Post is hosting Vaynerchuk at the downtown IMAX Theater at 7 p.m. The event is invite only. For information, please email Rachel Hanson at

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Chattanooga startup Access America’s deal with Coyote creates $2 billion freight giant

Chattanooga’s fastest-growing business of the past decade will combine with an even faster-growing rival to create one of America’s biggest freight and truck management services with sales expected to top $2 billion this year.

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Shelley’s Latest Post for INC.

Shelley Prevost’s latest article for Inc. Magazine is about how gamification gives employees a sense of purpose! “Ambition has the potential to overhaul company culture by instilling a deeper sense of purpose–even across mundane, repetitive tasks.” Check out the full article.

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Ambition in Tech Crunch

Proud day for Ambition and Lamp Post Group. The team at Ambition has worked extremely hard to get to this point. We are proud of all their work at Y Combinator. And this is only the beginning.

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Why We Moved To Chattanooga

In September of 2012, we drove to Chattanooga to meet with Ted Alling, a serial entrepreneur, partner at the Lamp Post Group,  and co-founder of Access America Transport. We grew up with Ted’s little brother so we knew of Ted’s success. We were seeking his advice on how to recruit and manage technical talent for our team. By […]

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Are You an Attacker or Defender?

Steve Case, former founder of AOL and many other successful businesses just said at a conference, “There are two kinds of companies: attackers and defenders,” Case said Thursday, during an interview on a sunny hotel terrace in Menlo Park, Calif., where he was visiting. “Entrepreneurs are attackers, and people in Fortune 500 companies are defenders.” […]

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retickr 2.0 Launch Covered by TechCrunch, Venturebeat and Lifehacker

Congrats to the gang at retickr.  Their 2.0 product is a solid improvement over 1.0 and most of the upgrades are server side, so you don’t even know how badass this new version is yet!   For the social among you, Retickr can take your Twitter or Facebook account and integrate shared links into your […]

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Better Relationships 101

Hey everyone, I just wrote this article for the AAT Carriers Quarterly newsletter and thought it might have some relevance for our work at Lamp Post, too.  Working well in teams is essential to what we do around here.  Hope you find these reminders helpful. SP Better Relationships 101   I’ve worked with many teams […]

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Gig Tank InfoGraphic

Thanks to the creative crew over at colab, we have this wonderful infographic that helps layout the details of the Gig Tank, Gig Prizes and Geek Move.

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pandodaily talks GeekHunt

If you haven’t heard of pandodaily yet, don’t worry, you will.  Filled with with peeps from TC and pretty much every other tech blog, this group led by Sara Lacy and funded by, well everyone, is kicking some major ass. And one of the first things they got right? Covering the GeekHunt.  Read Greg’s piece […]

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